Food diary challenge: day 1

Day one of the food diary challenge complete, and I’m actually pretty pleased because we had friends over for dinner and I managed to stick to my points allowance. Today’s dieting highlight was the beetroots at lunch, which are super tasty, and the low point was the fact that it’s Treat Thursday, which in my team means everyone-bake-amazing-things-and-leave-them-next-to-Rose’s-desk day. A real test of my resilience, thanks team.


1 banana

45g bran flakes

150ml skimmed milk

100g blueberries

= 9 weightwatchers points


1 bunch of red grapes


1 Tesco classic side salad

1/2 packet Tesco Finest sweetfire baby beetroot

1 can of tuna in springwater

1 portion cucumber

8 baby plum tomatoes

2 tablespoons Tesco healthy living balsamic dressing

= 5 weighwatchers points


2 x garlic bread slices (these are so calorific, never eating again!)

Bolognaise (beef mince, aubergine, carrot, red onion, courgette, tomato purée, fresh tomatoes, chopped tomatoes—maybe we need more tomatoes)



1 x small glass of white wine with soda water

= 21 weightwatchers points


Half a kingsmill wholemeal sandwich thin with marmite

= 1 weightwatchers point


70 minutes cycling

Daily total = 36 weightwatchers points (my allowance, wahoo!)

PS. I really apologise for becoming one of those people who takes photos of their food, but for the purposes of this blog, it makes sense.



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